Well, as you may have seen, there has been a small hiatus from here, unfortunately life got in the way…
Sadly the website went down, and we didn’t have any back ups 🙁 Lessons have been learnt!

Apologies of late, for not keeping this updated.  The last few days have been a little hectic to say the least.

It’s taken a little while for it to sink in that i’m now, an owned sub.  It’s a pretty awsome feeling.

However, it’s been weird, as Sir is away overseas, but we’re messaging one another a lot, so it’s not too bad.  Honestly can’t wait to see him again. :D

Anyhow, i’m locked up in my chastity device, and it’s day 16, however Sir did let me have a 24 hour respite from being locked up on the 30th due to my good behaviour, and for other reasons.  However that evening, i was out in town with work colleagues and ended up getting very, very drunk.

The next morning, without thinking i ended up wanking due to my hangover horn.  Of course, i’ve locked myself back in the device and i’ve let Sir know of my ‘mishap’.  i know that Sir is going to punish me on his return.

All being well, we might be able to see one another on the 11th April, honestly can’t wait, but with added apprehension!

Yesterday i left Sir’s early that morning as had to make my way to work, without having any release and being kept awake most of the night.

Master and myself had planned on keeping the evening of Thursday the 29th March for ‘equal time’ and to head out into Manchester for a night out, to better aquatint ourselves to one another, however, we’ve had to postpone this for when Master returns from his overseas visit.  So, instead we had a fun of bondage!  Not that either of us minded.

So, Master came over, with the printed out copy of the contract…  By now, it was day 11 of chastity and was gagging to cum.  So, Master promised me that if i pleased him, he’d maybe consider letting me cum.  Fantastic news, but dreaded what i’d have to endure first!

So, cutting to the salient point, there i am kneeling on my bedroom floor, with a humbler device attached, reading out the contract in it’s entirety, whilst being spanked with the cane by Sir.  The contract covers 5 pages, with 11 sections.  Ouch!

After pleasing Sir by reading out the contract and signing it, giving him a good blow-job, he then went to play with me…  i’m restrained again to the bed, Sir carries out CBT on me… Including deep heat on my balls and he even wanks me with it…

Having gone from at least twice a day type of person to no cum and chastity, i’m gagging to cum, and was so glad Master allowed me to cum.  It’s the most amazing feeling.

We spend the night in bed together, and really enjoyed snuggling up to bed with him.  However, in the middle of the night, he locks me again to the bed.  The next morning it was awful, as we’re not going to see another for a few weeks as Sir’s away on overseas travel.  :(

I’m still reeling after the fab session over the last weekend.  WOW!!!

Yesterday, Master and i had chatted online quite a bit, and he broached the subject of contract of ownership, which really excited me almost as much as it did for him.  So, during the day, he drafted a copy up and emailed it over to me at work… And wow!  I was straining in the chastity device reading it.  After going through it, i replied to Master with a few suggestions and minor alterations (my background in work is drafting contracts – handy eh?).   So, by the time i got home, there was a second draft waiting for me in my inbox.

So, there i am, sat on the train, re-writing sections to make it more ‘water-tight’ and more in the favour of the Master, damn the chastity device, as by this point i’d been horned up as hell and would have probably signed anything if there was a possibility of being able to cum!

Upon arriving at Master’s home, which was for the first time, i was ordered to strip (Sir believes slaves should be unclothed) and we had a nice time getting to know each other on a equal basis time.  It just felt nice and natural and really really good.  :)

However, bedtime was clearly going to be a different story!

During the night, i was let out of the chastity device, with the clear order that i wasn’t allowed to touch myself.  During the evening Sir kept on edging me and bringing me to the edge all night long, and was playing with my nipples, which in turn kept me hard.  Sir took advantage of me and shot his load twice during the night, which was unfair, but something i have to get used to.  In the end, i had to plead with him to handcuff me in bed with him as i couldn’t promise not to play with myself as was going stir crazy by this point…..  I think he liked the fact i was pleading to be hand-cuffed, which he duly obliged.

In all, it was a hot and amazing night!!!

After seeing my old Master on the 24th March (yesterday), my ass was sore for a good few days, as expected.  My new Master was really excited and was feeling very horned up (as was i), so he called in to mine on his way home from visiting family on Sunday 25th.

It was a pretty immense day.  After inspecting the handiwork of my old Master’s caning, which my new Master was impressed at.   However, it’s now time for him to have fun with me, and i had no idea what was going to happen… gulp!

During the afternoon, we had a whole load of candle wax play, which once my whole body was caked deep in wax, Sir took the opportunity to ‘help remove it’ by using my flogger!  Ouch!  My cock wasn’t spared it neither. During the whole process i was hooded and restrained to the bed.

After we’d cleaned up after that, i was then ‘mummified‘, as the picture below will attest.  This went on for a good few hours, and couldn’t move an inch and was a new experience to me.

Should also add in here, that i also had an inflatable mouth-gag too, and for a while Sir had my balls tied to the base of the bed. The only part i hated, was the bastinado, however Sir was enjoying seeing me squirm.  In all, it was the most amazing session so far, and can’t wait to try more!

Yesterday was a bit of a strange day, it was my 6th day in chastity and i was very horned up.

By the afternoon, i ended up chatting with my old Master online (obviously with my new Master’s permission).  For the last few months, we’ve been meaning to meet up for another ass-warming, but life events on both sides meant we couldn’t.  In the meanwhile, i’ve been yearning for my ass to glow again.

Anyhow, i got my new Master’s permission to visit my old Master, on the condition that i received 50 strokes on my ass.  As it’s been a while since i’ve had any CP i was a little anxious to say the least, as i knew that my old Master wouldn’t take any mercy and they’d be delivered in full force.

So, late last night i went to my old Master’s home to receive my 50 strokes.  On my way there, i found out that it’d be a combination of the cane and strap. Gulp!  As always, he was fantastic in the delivery of the CP, and we even ended up breaking one of his canes!  Will be hopefully re-vising again in 3 weeks time for more.

As for the 50 target…  We exceeded that, and in the end i took 60 strokes, and have updated the CP tracker, and hope you enjoy the pics below.

So, after my posting about being locked in the KTB chastity device for a few days, I ended up having to very gingerly and very awkwardly remove the device in work.  It wasn’t very easy thing to do, but had to remove it as i had found two distinct spots of blood in my underwear.

Surprisingly, there wasn’t a mark on my cock, but up on inspection, there was a small mark on my balls where i can only assume it nicked my ballsack in the hinge.

So that evening, Sir relocked me up in a CB2000 device.  So, as of tonight, i’ve now been locked up for 6 days and no sign of release in sight (see the tracker here).  Tomorrow i get see see my Master and will find out the earliest point i get released and if and when i get to cum next.  Eeek!

i’ve been locked in my KTB Chastity device on Monday night by my new Master, and what a first 24 hours it’s been!

If you’re not too aware what a KTB device is like, you can look them up on this website www.malechastitynow.com.

The device is cruel and unwieldy on it’s treatment to any hard-ons by biting into the soft cock flesh with it’s hard, brutal metal teeth.  During the first night, it woke me up a few times, and had to end up going to sleep with a pair of briefs to give it support whilst i got used to it.  Don’t get me wrong, it serves it’s purpose, is finely crafted and deliciously menacing.  There’s next to chance of me being able to escape from it, as it’s teeth will bite and gnaw on my sensitive cockshaft.

Long term chastity?  Sound like a bloody good plan for me, as i see it, a Master says if and when a boi can cum.  But i don’t think i could cope with this device for a long term basis.

But looking at it, i do love the look of it on me, and how it makes me feel.  Such a quandry of emotions for me to take in and i know Sir wants me to be kept in permanent chastity.  Think it’s time for me to head to bed and make sense of it all.  Night all!

Over the last couple of days i’ve been chatting with a Master i met online, and bravely agreed a meet with him, sight unseen.

His instructions were quite clear, for me to be naked, kneeling on the floor, with my hood on and locked in chastity ready for his arrival.  So the evening came and he’s outside.  I was nervous as hell, not knowing what was going to happen.

There i am, kneeling, naked on the floor with the hood on – i can hear him enter, and him move past me and him moving about.  And then came the first order, a chance to hear his Masterful voice.  So in a nutshell, that evening, i had a humbler placed upon me and forced to crawl whilst handcuffed.  The rest of the evening, he had me tied up in bed, in exquisite discomfort, tied spread eagled to my bed.  Completely vulnerable to him and what he desired, pure agonising bliss!

i’m not one for going into too much detail, as some things are best kept between a Master and his boi, but he did leave me locked up in a Kali’s Teeth Bracelet (KTB) chastity device!  OUCH!

Can’t wait to see him on Wednesday for another session, and to get out of the KTB!!

i’ve spent some time in gay kink clubs and have seen some sights in my time, such as a sub on his knees in the toilets, waiting for his next ‘watering’, or the Master who’s left his empty pint glass in the urinal for his sub to collect and drink out of when it’s full.

However, this tale is really something else.  Waant to read about a middle-aged guy who broke into the utility room behind the toilets, and drank straight from the urinal?  Then read about the tale, http://www.vice.com/read/deep-inside-the-chain-pub-piss-dungeon